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Mexican Oaxacan Silver Jewelry

Traditional Gold vermeil Mexican Oaxacan filigree earrings pearls

Traditional Gold vermeil Mexican Oaxacan filigree earrings pearls

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Indulge in the rich Mexican culture with these gorgeous traditional gold vermeil Oaxacan filigree earrings adorned with lustrous pearls! These exquisite Mexican earrings are a true testament to the intricate artistry of Oaxacan filigree jewelry making. The lightweight yet durable 24k gold vermeil creates a luxurious and classic effect, while the delicate filigree detailing adds a touch of vintage charm to this already stunning piece.

The pearlescent sheen of the perfectly round pearls on these Mexican earrings is simply breathtaking. They add a subtle pop of color without overpowering the elegant design of the filigree. These Oaxaca earrings will undoubtedly catch everyone's eye from across the room, whether you're wearing them to a formal event or dressing up your casual attire.

The beauty of these Oaxacan filigree earrings is that they are an exquisite traditional Mexican design- you won't find a pair quite like them anywhere else

Out of this world 24 karat gold vermeil Mexican Oaxacan filigree earrings pearls.  Each piece is completely crafted by hand, starting with melting the silver and forming it to creating the ultimate design and then dipping it in 24 karat gold. These gold vermeil Mexican Oaxacan filigree earrings pearls have the look of vintage Mexican earrings.

Design is 2.75 inches long 
Width is 2.25 inches 
Weight is .81 ounce

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