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Mexican Oaxacan Silver Jewelry

Mexican Oaxacan silver filigree Hamsa necklace with evil eye and white baroque pearls

Mexican Oaxacan silver filigree Hamsa necklace with evil eye and white baroque pearls

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Bring a touch of glamour and mysticism into your life with our exquisite Mexican Oaxacan silver filigree Hamsa necklace! This intricate piece features a stunning Hamsa hand pendant delicately wrought from gleaming silver filigree, symbolizing protection and blessings. But that's not all – the pendant is also adorned with a mesmerizing evil eye motif, believed to ward off negative energy and ill fortune.

To complete the look, we've added lustrous white baroque pearls, each one a unique and iridescent treasure. These gorgeous pearls complement the silver beautifully, creating a piece that is both elegant and boho-chic. Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or simply adding a little intrigue to your everyday look, this stunning necklace is the perfect accessory.

So why wait? Treat yourself to this gorgeous piece of Mexican jewelry today and elevate your style to a whole new level!

This is beautiful Hamsa necklace with baroque pearls.  The Hamsa hand has a universal positive protective meaning in several cultures and faiths. Anyone who wears the Hamsa carries the qualities of happiness, health and good fortune.

It’s a stunning piece, handmade from molten silver. everyone compliment you! The clasp is made in silver filigree. It’s beautiful and bold. Pearl necklace can be worn separately.

Pendant is 1.46 ounces

Length of pendant is 4 1/2 inches 

Width is 1 1/2 inches 

Length of pearl chain is 32 inches 


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