Silver filigree Mexican Hand earrings with heart handmade from Oaxaca, Mexico, bohemian, vintage style

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Drop dead gorgeous filigree Mexican Hand earrings  Oaxaca, Mexico. A stunning heart hand motif design made for the bohemian spirit in you. These are handcrafted, starting with melting the silver and forming it to a wire and creating a finished piece. The hand motif in Mexican jewelry probably increased after Pablo Picasso's gift of the silver hand-shaped earrings to Frida Kahlo in the 1930's or 40's. She painted herself in them and many nicho boxes and retablos created around Frida's image contain those famous paintings. Many Mexican artisans make beautiful hand-shaped earrings.They are wearable and elegant! These filigree Mexican Hand earrings are singularly unique and unusual, and handmade by famous Oaxacan jewelers. Hard to find outside of Mexico and very authentic!

.73 ounces 

Length of design is 2 5/8 inches 

Length of design with ear wire is 2 7/8 inches 

Width at widest point is 1 inches