About us

I was a fashion designer for many years and traveled the world seeking inspiration. On those trips, I was always seeking the unique handmade handicrafts made in each country. On each trip, I tried to bring home something special that represented something made in that country. I primarily went to India and the Far East. Seven years ago, I met my partner, Jim, and he showed me Mexico-now one of my favorite places to visit.

This business started with handcrafted jewelry made in Oaxaca discovered on one of our Mexican trips. I could not believe how beautiful it was and really difficult to find in the states! We watched the filigree jewelry being painstakingly made from molten silver to the most beautifully designed earrings. Wow-it was incredible to see! Then I found some fantastic Native American designers near my home in Santa Fe. 
Four years ago, I went on a trip to Uzbekistan. I had been designing furniture made of Suzani’s (a type of embroidered and decorative tribal textile made in Uzbekistan). During this trip, I found these out of the world handbags, made of vegetable dyed silk with beautifully designed patterns and color combinations. Having developed a passion for embroidered Suzani’s-these handbags were like carrying a small Suzani and they have that perfect bohemian look. Collecting antique jewelry has been also been a passion since I was in my 20’s so my collection was added to this site. You will find some 24 karat gold filigree ruby, emerald and pearl stud earrings that I designed on a trip to India. Last year Jim and I went back to Mexico and I discovered the Purepecha Rebozo’s made in Michoacán. These are hand loomed shawls finished with feathers and silk or as they say ‘flowers’. What beautiful color combinations and craftsmanship!
Here, you will find everything handmade, one of a kind, and beautifully designed. Everything is hard or impossible to find without traveling. The purpose of this website is to make these beautiful handmade items available to everyone. So put your traveling shoes on and start looking. Are you searching for something hard to find? Hopefully you will find it here!


These are all things I love to wear and create a beautiful statement. The fashion designer in me says ‘be original and your own person. These items will help create your own individual look.  Enjoy and if you buy, you will not be disappointed!

 I wonder what I will find next?