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Mexican Oaxacan Silver Jewelry

24 karat gold filigree ruby earrings

24 karat gold filigree ruby earrings

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Want to stand out with a classic pair of 24 karat gold filigree ruby earrings? These will grow in value and stunningly beautiful! Don’t miss out on these 24 karat gold filigree ruby earrings as only one pair was made.  Made in India and designed by Kathryn Risley. These are a stunning pair of gold filigree ruby earrings  Their value will only increase. These 24 karat gold filigree ruby earrings have a jewelry appraisal to go with them.

What is filigree? Filigree is one of the most delicate types of jewelry metalwork, which generally uses precious metals, like gold and silver, in art pieces created with small and detailed beads and twisted threads fused together or onto an object. It is ideal for arabesque designs. Its fragility often makes us remember the texture of lace. Traditionally, this technique is connected to luxury design and fine craftsmanship. Humans always tried to exhibit their wealth and status, soon they discovered that the shining gold was the perfect medium for it.

Free shipping in the US. We only stock one piece and usually these are one of a kind. If you want them, buy them while they are available! 

These 24 karat gold filigree ruby earrings are:

  • length 6/8 of an inch
  • width 1/2 inch 
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