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Mexican Oaxacan Silver Jewelry

Purepecha rebozo with fringe and feathers

Purepecha rebozo with fringe and feathers

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One of the most beautiful Purepecha rebozo’s with fringe from Michoacán, Mexico that I have ever seen. The combination is spectacular. These come from a Purepecha artisan from Michoacan. This is a traditional style of rebozo that has been produced for many years. It is 100% cotton with rayon and with silk fringe and feathers. This is woven on a backstop loom and takes about a month to make. The fringe on each end is called ‘flowers’. All of these Purepecha Rebozo’s measure 2.5 feet by 76 inches long. They are simply fabulous! This artisan is known for her amazing color. 

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